About Us

OUR STORY – Grid Interiors

A decade ago, we discovered the industry of Home Renovation, specifically Kitchens & Bathrooms. When people contemplate whether to make modifications in their homes, more often than not they’d always have a specific idea in mind of what they need. However, they were dealing with a frustrating battle in bringing it together and bringing their dream to fruition.

Early on, we realised that within the industry, there were a few groups that gave the customer a complete service from the initial layout concept the customer provided. Thus, being a relatively small niche, we took this opportunity to thrive and deliver a level of service unknown to customers.

Many Competitors provided their customers either the layout or the installation or an in-between option. However, this always resulted in a cumbersome experience for the customer, which often led to blame and unhappy customers. One had to be doing a near residence rebuild to anticipate thorough, detailed fees or personalised carrier from a Builder.

This was a small industry we have been ready to fill inside the market – and thus Grid Interiors was born in Brisbane.

Here at Grid Interiors, our coverage is to undertake your entire renovation challenge including the design conceptualisation stage, planning, project management, construction, plumbing, electrical work, cabinet-making and installation – we’re a complete group of inhouse, professionals, so the quality of product and service delivered to all our clients is exactly the same, every time.

We understand that our customers know exactly what they need for their space in regards to basic layout concepts, the look and sense that they’re the customer is after. We function with the simple philosophy of co-introduction, where we collaborate with the customer to sharpen their ideas, translate their vision into a reality they can see with their own eyes.

Our group at Grid Interiors is made up of the best in class professionals – designers, project managers, tradesmen, carpenters and builders. This organisation of talented people has grown to be a close family unit and characteristic in a comparable fashion.

All our projects include every member of our crew so that you do no longer come upon exceptional human beings handling specific tasks at any given time.

For the safety of our clients, Grid Interiors is completely certified with the QBCC, and we function consistent with the governing guidelines of requirements and practices which might be set out for us in the industry.